Earasers Motorsports Earplugs

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Earasers Earplugs for Motorsports

Many motorists are exposed to loud engines, crowd noise, and wind noise. Earasers help make you a better and safer rider with some added bonuses including:

Reducing rider fatigue and arrive fresher than ever before.  

Stay safe. Wind noise can be a stressor to your brain and may cause you to lose focus after just a short while of exposure.

Enjoy your music more. Earasers allow you to better hear music through your helmet or stereo. 

*** Most states allow earplugs while riding if designed such that it will not impede a driver's ability to hear safety information.  

Please check with your state on the laws in areas you travel. Earasers are safer than standard foam earplugs due to their clarity of sound, and extended bandwidth, and thus you will not miss important safety information. Earasers are the only flat frequency response earplug in the motorsports / racing market.  Flat frequency response is well known in the sound and music industry to yield high quality and improved fidelity. 

 Sizing Tips

75% of men use medium
75% of women use small
75% of young adults use small



Tip on sizes:  75% of men use medium

                      75% of women use small

                      75% of young adults use small

The size of the external ear (the pinnae) rarely has anything to do with the size of the opening of the canal. Take a picture of your own ear, where the oval shadow shows up, and have someone help you determine what size you are.  (Visit our instructions tab).

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