The Earasers Guarantee

Complimentary size exchanges, warranty against manufacturing defects, and refund requests are all things we are proud to be able to assist you with. Original purchase must meet the three criteria listed below. 

 1) Original purchase is within 30 days for size exchange or refund request. Within 1 year for warranty against manufacturing defects

2) Provide proof of purchase. This could be an order number from our website, a convention or event receipt, or if you purchased factory sealed goods from a third party, then the proof of purchase from the seller showing the following: Name of store, date of purchase, and purchase price.  

3) Third party purchases have limited coverage if the items are factory sealed when you purchased them, and they were from an authorized Earasers Distributor. 

Unauthorized third-party sellers are not covered under these warranties. Please know who you are buying from! There are strict state and government laws with regards to returns and exchanges for body worn devices. If the product is not factory sealed, you have no way of knowing how many people have handled, or even damaged, the items before getting to you. For that reason, they WILL NOT BE COVERED under these special offerings.  

If you or someone you know find you are not eligible for our Complimentary Size Exchange - we've still got you covered. Check out our Earasers Renewal Kit. Change your filters into any size silicone tip you want, easily and economically resizing your Earasers.  


Complimentary Size Exchanges:

Should you feel you have purchased an incorrect size for your ear canal, and you meet the above guidelines, please contact us by email at or phone us on +61 403 462 213 to arrange a new size. 


The product exchange for size is complimentary, if requested within the 30 days of proof of purchase and meets the criteria mentioned above. This is a one-time service per wearer.   


Limited Warranty
Manufacturing Defects Policy (one year warranty)

Before we go on to outline the Manufacturing Defect policy, please note that the natural property of the silicone is to expand over time, due to body oils, wax, and debris. Should your silicone tear after much use, (usually tip is yellowed and flimsy at this point) this is not a manufacturing defect, but just simply time to renew your outer sleeves. We recommend once a year with regular usage. Helpful hints to increase lifespan of the Earasers can be found in our instructional videos.

Should your product display a manufacturing defect, please contact Earasers Australia by email at or phone us on +61 403 462 213  within one year of original purchase.

You will need to include the following with your merchandise return:

* The RMA # you received from us
* The receipt with “Date of Purchase” circled
* Written explanation of the defect

(Note: We cannot be responsible for any shipping carriers' losses for packages coming to us).

We will replace any manufacturing defect with new product.  There is a one-time replacement for purchased sets.  

Note: Warranty is void if the product is damaged, or becomes damaged, due to inappropriate use.


Refund Requests

Limited Refund Policy (30 day w/proof of purchase)

If you are in the rare percentage of individuals we may not be able to fit, and you purchased your Earasers from our website, then we offer a 100% money back guarantee less shipping/handling charges. Simply contact us to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA#) Number, and return your product(s) to our address shown below. If you purchased your Earasers earplugs at another retailer, or online at a different e-tailer, then we will do our best to help you get into a pair that works for you, however we are not able to guarantee refunds from third party distributors since Earasers earplugs are a body worn device, Department of Health regulations states retailers and e-tailers may not be equipped to handle your returns.  As an FDA registered manufacturer of medical products, Persona Medical (Earasers) is able to handle any return purchased directly from us. We are happy to eliminate that purchasing "risk" by doing our best to partner with you directly on size and attenuation needs. 

We will go to great lengths to make things right! Whether the size you ordered isn't ideal for your personal canal size, or you are considering returning due to filter strength, if you are in need of a repair, if you have to replace it, or Renew it - we aim to please! We are proud to be the only earplug company that will accommodate you to these lengths. We realize your first time with Earasers may not be perfect due to size or filter level, but we strive get you the best possible fit and feel for your unique needs!

We are so confident that you will agree Earasers are the most amazing earplugs you have ever worn; if not we will gladly refund your purchase price (less shipping) within the first 30 days of your original purchase from our online store. Simply follow these instructions: Contact us within 30 days of original purchase to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number. See below for contact information.

You will need to include the following with your merchandise return:
* Original Product
* RMA # you receive from us.
* Original receipt (or On-Line Store Invoice) with “Date of Purchase” circled. (Hey don't worry, we can look this up if you ordered from us.).
* Written notification of why you changed your mind (please tell us so we can get better!)

---> We strongly suggest you ask your Postal Carrier about "Tracking Options" on your package being sent in to us, for those rare occasions when an item might get lost in shipping.

Note: Warranty is void if the product is damaged, or becomes damaged, due to inappropriate use.