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OH WOW! See what people are saying about Earasers! 

I've been playing guitar for 44 years and am currently the lead guitar for a working cover band...I've always worn ear protection...Recently, our band switched to in ear monitors which I don't actually care for...I did some research and discovered Earasers.  WOW!! These things provide excellent protection while retaining the rich texture and ambient nuances of music 'ine the room." The very best of both worlds...outstanding!  Many thanks from a very happy/satisfied customer.  C.Y.


" Thanks so much for getting back to me so fast.  Your guys' customer service is great!  Thanks for your help!"  Jordan P.


"LIVE LIFE WITH COMFORTABLE PROTECTION!  Doesn't fit?  JUST ASK!  Heather and Earasers have saved my life!  Where were these years ago?!  No one ever knows I have ear plugs in as you can still interact with the world around you hearing everything except harmful frequencies! I even wore them at my own wedding!  THEY ARE SO COMFY EVEN I DON'T NOTICE THEM!  As an ordinary human, our world is very noisy and I notice a difference immediately from a plane engine to fireworks and concerts, to road construction or emergency sirens, or you name it, and even the persistent high pitched squeal of the outside chipmunk at my parents' home (that drives my parent's crazy because they don't wear these)!  For safety awareness I can still hear these sounds, just without pain!  But MY EARS ARE SO SMALL that the smalls didn't stay in me - no problem!  Heather fit me to X-Smalls. (Earasers side note: first generation XS design sleeves/tips worked best for Ann's canal shape)  These are THE ONLY EARPLUGS that stay in WHILE EATING!  Note, from my experience, if you wear them while eating though you may only hear yourself chewing unless in a very noisy restaurant, so I've had to give up chewing gum when I want to interact with others and it's noisy.  They are very helpful though to wear while eating in noisy restaurants.  I can even SLEEP with them in (although I find only doing so with un-firm pillows or else they push back the plugs too much for my comfort but that's ok I usually sleep with PQ small plugs) She even gave me HUGE TIME SAVING TIP on how to clean these with a simple hydrogen peroxide soak.  Now I also have ASD and HSP and was immediately excited to see a page on the Earasers website dedicated to those like me!  THESE HAVE SAVED MY LIFE: I went from meltdowns and burnouts from simple things people clanging dishes or talking just too loud, to suddenly being able to socialize so much I can hold a job and I have a husband now and I have no more problems being around yelling kids (and soon have my own!).  In fact, I myself can work with kids with ASD without ANY energy depletion from my hearing hurting!  I wear these ALL THE TIME save when I wash my hair/ears (and not on firm pillows or when eating in quiet places.  No more high pitched clicking clacking from ceiling fans, or that high buzzing noise from long florescent bulbs in groceries stores, or squealing of door hinges in need of oil.  Literally I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!  THANK YOU EARASERS AND HEATHER for working with me to get the right fit FOR ENABLING ME TO LIVE A THRIVING LIFE!   Ann Nicoll


"Happy New Year! I'm loving my P&Q (Peace & Quiet) Earasers. In fact, I plan to write an entire blog post about how these P&Q ear plugs help with my ADHD brain! I will tag you once it's posted!  I love that you're open to cross promotion too. I agree with you 100% that these earplugs can change people's lives. And being able to share that with other ADHD'ers like myself makes me very happy. Cheers!"  Heather P.


"I actually figured out the issue a few days ago: I thought the ear plugs weren’t sealing because when I rubbed my fingers together I could still hear them, which is how I’d always tested ear plug seals in the past. I finally realized that the Earasers transmit sound with such fidelity that that sort of test doesn’t work, and that the seal is fine. I’m totally blown away—I’ve never experienced ear plugs as “flat” as these. I’m now planning to buy another pair with more attenuation for higher-volume settings. Again, I’m shocked at how good these sound—they’re a game-changer for me, and I haven’t been this excited about practicing and playing in a while. Thanks again, and thanks for making a product that’s so amazing I literally couldn’t believe it. :-).  ",   James Bursley, Musician


"Thank you so much for the opportunity to exchange my small Earasers for the X-Small size.  The new ones fit perfectly!   I so appreciate your flexibility." Sincerely, Margaret Placentra Johnston, author of Overcoming Spiritual Myopia: A View Toward Peace Among the Religions, mpjauthor.com


"As soon as I put the Earasers in, I knew the immediate difference this would make in my day to day. There are no other earplugs with the same comfort and filter that can do what these do especially at the price "  -grant grantwoell.com


"Thank you so much for your thorough responses and all your assistance. I have to say, your customer service is a breath of fresh air. My daughter is so excited to try her resized pair of EARasers earplugs.  We are going to tell everyone we know about your company, because this has been the best experience we have ever had and we truly appreciate all you do.  Thank you for all your help and kindness. Have a wonderful day!"  J. Smith


"...I wanted to reach out and compliment you on your product. As a music professional who suffers from tinnitus, Earasers have been a game changer for me. I had yet to find ear protection that allowed me to function in my work environment at the level I require until finding your product. I have recommended Earasers to many of my private students and ensemble members at Belmont as well as friends in other fields wishing to protect their hearing."   Mike Valeras, Guitarist, Adjunct Professor Belmont University, Self-Proclaimed   Earasers Biggest Fan!!  mikevalerasmusic.com  


"Am I glad I found your booth and bought 2 pairs of plugs!  I played a show that night, opening for Robben Ford, and used the plugs and, they are the BEST plugs I have ever used!  In fact, I forgot I had them in, I noticed when I took them out, though. For once, I didn't feel detached from my guitar rig.  It's really the best product and very affordable, so nobody has an excuse not to save their hearing!  And you can quote me on that!" (Thanks, Scott!  We just did!)  Scott Tarulli, Assistant Professor, Guitar Department, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA,    

"For years I have searched for an earplug that could protect my hearing while making it possible for me to sing comfortably. After trying several different brands and styles, it seemed impossible to find something that could meet my hopes and expectations. Then, when I found Earasers almost 4 years ago, I knew I’d found what I’d been looking for. I have never been happier with an earplug. I won’t even practice (band practice) without them now. I am the lead singer in a rock band and a photojournalist for a music magazine. Between making and performing music and photographing concerts from the media pit, I NEED my ears protected. I refuse to go anywhere without my Earasers. They are made to block out dangerous frequencies while allowing you to hear the things you want/need to hear. I have gotten my band, family, friends, and friends of friends to try them out, and I have only heard the most positive feedback. I recommend Earasers to everyone. For superior protection and comfort, they’re the only way to go." Julia Dettwiler,  Lunarrogueband.com 

"I can hear all the frequencies and my hearing is protected at all volume levels both live and in the studio. THANK YOU EARASERS ! " John Ferraro, drummer producer

"As a violinist, Earasers are the only earplugs I trust to protect my hearing on gigs without causing my playing to suffer. Maintaining a consistent tone and playing in tune on fretless stringed instruments requires the highest level of sensitivity to the entire frequency spectrum, but especially the extreme highs that most commercial earplugs almost completely eliminate when you wear them. As a result, I spent years battling between wearing earplugs at shows and not truly being able to hear myself, or taking them out and leaving the gig with my ears ringing.  With Earasers, I can finally rock out on a loud stage without sacrificing my performance OR my hearing!  Their even attenuation allows me to hear my instrument crystal-clear.  In fact, in a crowded or noisy room I would even say I can hear my violins more clearly with the Earasers, as they lower the noise threshold and let me focus on what’s up close and important.  Plus, they are so comfortable that I can wear them for hours and practically forget I have them in. These are the first earplugs I have ever owned that I can truly say do not negatively affect the way I play, and whether I’m on or off the stage, I always keep them nearby in case things get loud."  Kyle Pudenz, Violinist/Multi-Instrumentalist for Jared Blake, Rachael Turner, Billy Dawson & The Khromatiks.  Nashville, TN     Kylepudenz.com  


"Earasers are the first of any musicians earplugs that I’ve used which truly don’t feel like they are “plugging” my ears up.  They bring the level of the sound down just enough to be comfortable and safe.  I still hear the same crisp high tones and punchy bass that I would hear without any protection in.  This is great for me as a Drummer, because I find that I’m not overcompensating for the plugged up feeling by playing extra hard.  I’m sure any musician playing any other instrument would benefit just as much.  Plus, as a bonus, I can still talk to and hear my bandmates clearly without taking the plugs out - but if I do want to remove the Earasers, they go in and out very quickly and easily.  Much better sounding, and much more convenient than foam."  Nick C, Drummer

"I do have tinnitus from being "too cool" for earplugs when I was younger. Hearing loss scares me, especially when its avoidable, so I've been an outspoken advocate of wearing earplugs to shows for many years. I've actually bought boxes of foam plugs to distribute for free to anyone that needed them in the past. When I originally discovered EARasers, I was sold immediately on the comfort and audio quality, and I've recommended them many times. You've got both a customer and a brand advocate for life." Eric Seibt, Orlando, FL Musician


"I am a musician and I found your product at Guitar Center in Johnson City NY.  I have to say that I am now a fan of them.  They work without the bulky uncomfortable feeling of a regular ear plug.  Thank you for designing these.  They truly are an amazing product."  Tom Walmsley,  Musician


"When it comes to protecting my ears, the only product I use are EARasers. For one, they're very comfortable and they stay in tact when inside the ear canal as long as using the proper size. The best thing about EARasers are that they don't muffle the sound but instead lower the overall db of the environment. The high end of my guitar still cuts through but the overall volume is lowered to ensure proper ear protection. I highly recommend EARasers!"  Andre Madatian,  andremadatian.com, Guitarist-Film Composer/Berklee College of Music '14


"As a bass player and active performer on stage, the two key factors I look into when checking out ear protection are 1) keeping a true tone to what is happening on stage and coming out of my amp at those low frequencies and 2) a plug that will not fall out in the middle of a show due to sweat or excessive movement. For me, Earasers check off both of those boxes with ease." , Matt King, Bassist – The Lights Out, Boston, MA


"Thank you so much for the opportunity to exchange my small Earasers for the Extra Small size.  The new ones fit perfectly!  I so appreciate your flexibility.  Sincerely,"  Margaret Placentra Johnston, mpjauthor.com 


"I am very happy with the tip resizing pack (Earasers 30-Day Size Exchange program) that I received as well as the very pleasant customer service experience.  The tool was easy to use and I am very happy with the fit.  I play with a classic rock band and sometimes it gets loud.  I feel so much better with Earasers than with traditional plugs.  Thanks again." Douglas Pinto , Canada


"These (Earasers Peace & Quiet earplugs) have been like miracle!!  They block out the Air conditioning noise so my mom can sleep at night.  The best product ever!!!  The a/c units are right outside her bedroom window and they were waking her up at night. She had tried earplugs from the local store and “noise cancelling” headphones but, they didn’t work.  These have been a miracle for her!!!  - Dana, Las Vegas, NV


"I just wanted to relate to you a story about your great product.  Recently, I spent a long night kept awake by the snoring of my relative (we had to share a hotel room).  In desperation, I reached for my handy pair of Earasers, which I had used just the previous night while performing in a pops concert.  Unfortunately, the quality of your product in preserving sound below a certain decibel range was such that it actually ended up making the snoring louder by cutting some of the ambient noise from the freeway.  It truly is an excellent product that functions as advertised.  Warmest."  William Nakamura  Masters of Music Major in Tuba Performance at UCLA  {We love to hear that...hence the "-" NRR rating which shows Earasers creates a cleaner, and clearer, sounding environment.  Earasers informed William about Earsers Peace & Quiet line of hearing protection for the next time he wishes to "block" sound rather than "filter" it to be more clear with his relative.  We applaud William on being EAR-Responsible!}


"I have been using Earasers for almost 3 years now. I am a sound engineer and touring musician, AND I live next to a train so I've been through multiple pairs of your product and they are amazing!  Everyday when I leave my house I take four things with me: my phone, my wallet, my keys, and my Earasers!  They are so comfortable I've actually fallen asleep with them in and not even noticed!  I  bought every member of my band a pair for Christmas and have gone through at least 4 sets personally over the last 3 years. I've taken your product around the country and showed them to sound engineers and musicians alike, from New York to New Mexico.  I boast that my earplugs are the most comfortable and best sounding non-molds that money can buy!  I am an audiophile and I work at a high-end recording studio in Athens GA.  I also play bass in a nationally touring band and work the odd live sound engineering gig.  Last night I was running sound at an outdoor show and dropped one of my earplugs on the ground. That night, while cleaning them, I lost one of the little inside piece!  I've had this pair for 76 musical performances and over 20 sound engineering gigs... I was heartbroken for sure.  I've used plenty of different brands for earplugs in the past and EARasers are my favorite and hands down the best!  However the $$ price point is rough in my budget.  I don't know if there is a human on the other side reading this, but if there is I love your product and I love your family owned company :D" - Joshua Garrett.     {We, at Earasers, did instruct Joshua that he did reach someone on the other side, and that his earplugs had not broken at all, but in fact, due to the natural expansion of the silicone tip over time from body oils and PH Balance, that it was time for him to simply ReNew his outer silicone tips.  Rather than having to purchase a brand new set, Joshua could get replacement tips for about $5 per tip.  Happy to report Joshua's hearing is protected again and he is quite pleased with his Earasers ReNewal Kit and the knowledge that he can replace his tips any time he wants and it's super affordable.}


"...regarding the Earasers...  My Kids LOVE them!!!  They fit great and in order to test them, since there wasn’t a concert, used their over the ear earphones and cranked the music.  One of my kids used the word “incredible” to describe them and the other said they couldn’t wait till their next concert.  They said that the sound wasn’t muffled but rather just turned down so every element of their music was easily heard and enjoyed.  So thanks a TON for your ridiculously small and effective earplugs.  I’m sure the kids will enjoy these for years to come.  (on a side note, my “children” are actually 25 and 27 ... and I am so grateful that they still find value in my counsel.  They are heavily into Symphonic Metal...)" - Sue F.  {Earasers side note...they are enjoying the European -26dB at peak}


"I play bass in a rock band. We rehearse in a basement with a hard wood floor. It gets loud. Really loud. I tried two other brands of high-end musician's ear plugs before Earasers, but while they successfully lowered the sound pressure, they also hampered the frequency response - notes were muddy, and singing was next to impossible. Plus, they were uncomfortable, and ugly.  Earasers solved those problems completely.  I've been using them for 3 years.  Now, I hear every note, but at lower volume.  And in between songs, I can carry on a conversation without removing the Earasers.  Plus, the Earasers disappear into my ears, and are so comfortable I can't even feel them. Last summer I went to a concert, and our seats were right in line with of one of the huge PA speakers. It was brutally loud. Other people were stuffing tissues in their ears, and putting up with the resulting muffled sound. I popped in my Earasers, and enjoyed the show.

Tonight, my band had a three-hour practice. It was loud. Really loud. At the end, everybody else in the band (none of whom wore earplugs) was complaining that they couldn't hear, and that their ears were ringing, etc. Not me. I took out the Earasers, and my hearing was perfect: no ringing, no deafness. 

I love playing music, and I plan to keep doing it for my whole life. But I don't want to ruin my hearing in the process (kind of defeats the whole purpose, no?). Earasers are a truly outstanding product, and I recommend them to everyone who plays in a band, or goes to shows, or both.  Now if I could just persuade my band mates to use them . . . ",  Anonymous email


 "I love using Earasers for high volume situations such as teaching my West African drumming ensemble, big band jazz rehearsals, and attending PASIC and NAMM conventions.  Earasers protect your hearing by clarifying the sound in a way that reduces harmful frequencies. They are effective, comfortable, and affordable. Earasers are ear-resistible!!”  Dr. N. Scott Robinson,  NScottRobinson.com  


"In comparison to my custom made ear plugs, Earasers look and feel as if I'm not wearing anything at all.  They're comfortable to wear for long periods of time and do not cause my ear canals to sweat.  As a pro drummer, I'm constantly telling my students & peers that they should be protecting their ears.  I would definitely recommend these for practicing an instrument, concerts, flights & loud restaurants." JoBeth Umali (drummer)  Jobethumali.com  

 "Now that I’ve had a few days to use the Earasers, I thought it’s time to let you know how much I like them.  After ordering them online and not getting quite the attenuation and fit that I felt like I wanted, you went above and beyond to get me fixed up.  I am now very happy with the fit……they seal really well, yet they’re comfortable enough for long-term use.  While I think the original filters may have provided sufficient attenuation for my banjo playing, practicing in a small room with mostly reflective surfaces had me leaning toward a little more attenuation.  Even with these replacement filters, however, speaking/listening to others is perfectly natural; much more so than foam earplugs that block everything equally.   Thank you again for your prompt customer service, spending time with me on the phone to really understand my needs, and getting me fixed up with just the right product.  Please feel free to post any or all of this, including my name." - Parker Buckley (Banjo Player), Yellow Springs, OH


"I am a drone pilot who often covers concerts, and as one of the perks, I get to watch shows from the press pit. However, I don't want to go deaf and have had tinnitus in the past (I'm also a musician) so I'm very careful about my ears. In the past, I've worn foam plugs which muffle the sound and cuts the enjoyment of the music.  Let's face it, having big orange foam plugs hanging out of your ears looks like your mommy made you wear them. I got a pair of these and used them at the BottleRock festival in Napa this year and was watching Tom Petty from 15' away, and yet my ears weren't ringing afterward, I could hear the dynamics, AND they're almost invisible. My cool factor greatly saved!! It's also now much easier to have a conversation with my co-workers which made the whole experience A LOT more efficient. I had some sizing issues and Earasers Care Team was AMAZING by helping me get them dialed in. This is the right product, for the right price, by a family owned business that actually cares. Kind of a rare thing these days. Two thumbs WAY up!" - Drew Cobb, (Drone Pilot/Musician), Dronewrx.com 


"First off I love your product!  I've purchased two pairs, one for me and one for my girlfriend. When I'm playing any gig I use Earasers and it's insane how well this ear protection works and how seamless the transition between no protection and protection is.  I play about 200+ shows a year and whether it be a Salsa band, Brass band, Cover band/Top 40's band, Jazz combo, Jazz Orchestra/ Big Band, and any other gig I may do, EARasers are there with me protecting my hearing.  Currently I'm playing many shows and have a teaching studio of both young and professional musicians in the Austin area.  I'm the Graduate Assistant at Michigan State and will also be having multiple students who I can hopefully show your product to and hope they purchase it because of the phenomenal quality of the product that is needed for any serious musician.  I've gone through 3 different kinds of ear buds (Earasers has removed the names to show respect to other hearing care providers.  Earasers promotes all proper hearing protection, we simply hope you take the opportunity to try the Earasers "Flat Frequency Response" Difference)  and Earasers are by far the best. Altin Sencalar (Artist Musician/Teacher), Austin,TX AltinSencalarMusic.com    



"I have had damage-induced tinnitus for ten years, and has gotten much worse since I exposed myself to college ensembles. The ringing had become so severe I wasn't sure if I could continue my education, and I had almost lost hope. I had tried other earplugs first, but they made me sacrifice my musicianship due to my inability to react to my surrounding sounds. Earasers effectively let me protect my hearing while retaining my musicianship. So I might as well owe my entire future career and happiness this product."   Reid Norman


"I really enjoy them. They are comfortable and discreet. I have used them touring with Peter Murphy, Good Charlotte, and Gary Numan. I also stage manage one of the ballrooms at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend every year.  I have recommended them to friends looking for high quality ear protection. I have tried plugs from (Earasers has removed the names to show respect to other hearing care providers.  Earasers promotes all proper hearing protection, we simply hope you take the opportunity to try the Earasers "Flat Frequency Response" Difference) and yours are simply better!"  Oren Karpovsky, 


"I've had them (Earasers) for about 1 month now and have only been to one gig. I went to an Avenged Sevenfold gig and the ear plugs were fantastic!  I couldn't believe the difference from my old thunderbolt pair, the clarity is 100x better."  David Boyeson, Facebook


"Wife and I love to go hear music, but hate walking out with headache and buzzing in our ears. Bought 2 pair (Earasers) and that night went to local club (BB Kings Blues Club in Memphis) sat through 2 bands. We were able to talk with each other without yelling and no headache or buzzing in ears at the end of the evening. Great product!!"  David Miller, Facebook


 "These (Earasers) performed far beyond my expectations! I used them for the first time last night, and they were very comfortable and they stayed in perfectly all night. I love the fact that they did not muffle the sound, rather they just made all of the instruments come down to a comfortable level. It was almost like I was just listening to music with a nice set of headphones. I play bass in a progressive rock band, and my biggest issue was my drummer's china cymbal. It always left my ears ringing. Not anymore! Would recommend this product to anyone who plays live music."  Chris Green, Facebook


 "...thank you for making great product. I perform 4-5 nights a week around the greater St.Louis metro area and have used various ear protection devices over the years with unsatisfactory results.  Earasers are amazing! Finally, someone got it right. They not only attenuate the harmful sound pressure levels of on-stage monitors but also are extremely comfortable to wear. Thanks again, sincerely, John Mondin,  "4&20" CSNY tribute band  


 "Just found your page - I cannot recommend this product strongly enough!" Ian J. Scott, Facebook


"I think I prefer the -19db filters as far as I know they are working in my ears, yet I still feel a bit more "attached" to what's around me and still have my ears protected.  I like how the -19db filters have you wondering if they are working until you remove them, then you realize that they were (if that makes sense).  There are for sure situations that I know I am going to need the stronger filters, and I can rest at ease knowing that I have then readily available in my pocket! (Pro-Kit)  Thanks again for everything and I am using the -23db filters tonight at BB King's in NY!!!!  Eararasers Rock!!!!!"  Rena Beavers, Sakaedrums.com/en/artists/rena_bearvers 


"The decision to purchase these (Earasers) was one that was not without reservation because of the cost vs traditional ear plugs. Hearing is a priceless gift!  It turned out to be a great decision.  They are by far the most comfortable and functional form of hearing protection I have ever tried while playing live music.  Thank You for developing a functional and cost effective product."  Junior, White Hall, AR


"Here I am without eye drops or ear plugs.  Don't be me....   @EarasersEarplug Plug of choice."  Kelly E Schultz, Photographer


"I love your earplugs.  Being a concert photographer, and working in very loud environments, it’s nice to know my ears are protected with such a great product.  I’ve worked with many different artists like Seether, Demi Lovato, Granger Smith, Sam Riggs, Art Of Dying, and more. I’m currently touring with Granger Smith who was just named IHeartRadio’s on the verge artist. Your Ear Plugs have traveled the country with me and I’ve loved every second of it.  I was curious if I could add your logo to my website for a new page i’m working on to show new upcoming photographers what the equipment I use is."  Khris PoageConcert Photographer, Khrispoage.com  

"These earplugs from are saving my ears right now. This venue is DUMB loud and I would've had a migraine by now but I don't!"  Teddy Grant 

 "I played a show wearing them (Earasers earplugs) last night.  First time I've felt comfortable wearing ear plugs during a show in a long time. Thanks again!"  Diego Medrano


"The fire alarm at my work has been going off for a good 20 minutes now and I've never been so happy to have a pair of earplugs handy.  Shoutout to Earasers earplugs for making this night way less miserable."  Kristin Zirbes  

"I bought the Earasers for concerts, but found they work very well in noisyrestaurants, too. I only hope the keychain carry isn't too big for my small purses."  Loraine E., Beverly Hills CA.  {Followed up with Loraine and found the Key Chain was the perfect size, and that she is never without her Earasers!  Another very happy wearer!"


"My wife and I are completely satisfied with Earasers.  As a frequent concert goer, I started to hear the effects of the loud shows.  I always had access to ear plugs but opted out because they blocked too much sound, the very reason why I went to the concert! This device (Earasers) allows me to hear full spectrum of clear sound, even clarifying the sound to remove "noise" that comes from exceedingly loud shows.  I love them and will NEVER go to a concert without them!  Thanks for this ear, and life saving, product!'  Dan. T, CO


"I originally bought my Earasers for my motorcycle and I have to say, they work. I have tried every form of hearing protection on the market. I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on protection that didn't protect or was just plain uncomfortable.  Bravo! I wear them on my bike and to concerts."  Steve Roehm, MHt, MasterHypnosisTraining.com  

"As a long time musician, teacher and spouse of someone who snores loud enough the wake the dead each night, I was skeptical at the Florida Music Convention booth listening to the demonstration.  I had tried everything else.  All different types and sizes.  Some hurt my ears.  Some fell out during the night.  None of them did the job for me.  I wanted them (Earasers Peace & Quiet earplugs) primarily for my husband's snoring.  I figured this would be my 'last ditch effort' and I gave them a whirl.  The woman who demonstrated them was extremely patient and took all the time I needed, answering all of the questions I asked about the product.  I never felt like I was being given the bum's rush.  Every few days, I take a baby wipe and wipe them down and voila! they're ready for the next few days.  Boy, oh BOY!!   What an amazing product!   I put them (Earasers Peace & Quiets) in the first night at the hotel and have used them every night since.  Never a problem- I get sound sleep without being woken up by my husband's snoring and other nightly sounds (I'm an extremely light sleeper). Cannot extol the virtues of this product enough.  They are a God send to my life! Thank you so very much for producing such an amazing product.  I am a customer for life."  Audrey Carballo, Florida 


"Hey guys!  Giovanni St James from COMMON WEALTH here, just wanted to reach out and say that I love your product and what your doing with it.  My ears are getting damaged from the loud noises and I can't use traditional earplugs because it blocks all the sound.  I'm onboard with Earasers!"  Giovanni St James


"I used them (Earasers) last night for the first time at a Black Sabbath concert.  They were awesome, the band and the Earasers!" Doug Smith


"I have gone through a plethora of different kinds of earplugs, trying to find something that gives me the right blend between comfortability and protection. Being a photographer who is on and off the road throughout the year, I need something reusable and trustworthy to stay in my ear and provide the protection I need when working with musicians. The Earasers product does this for me and then some. One of the major bonuses of this product, for me, is that they are clear. Most people can’t even tell they are in, and when I finally tell them, they are blown away by the fact that I can have a conversation with them in such a loud environment with ease. I am using the -19db filters in mine, and they cut just the right amount of “piercing” frequencies to make everything feel balanced and level. I will be trying the stronger ones for those extremely loud environments as well.  I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to protect their hearing in a modern and comfortable way."  Colt CoanPhotojournalist,  Rockrollmag.com 


"These (Earasers) are the only truly satisfactory earplugs I have ever found, after having tried so, so many.  I wear these (Earasers) out dancing.  Other plugs tend to do two things wrong: first, they attenuate in a way that makes the music less rich, and less fun to dance to {I'm a *casual* audiophile}; second, they overdampen in the range of voice, which means if you want to have any kind of a conversation you need to take them out, totally negating any protection they’re meant to provide.   The best earplugs are the pair you'll actually keep in your ears.  They can’t do their job if you take them out to chitchat or, to be able to hear your favorite song more clearly.  Any earplug you wind up taking out is useless.  EARasers avoid both of those problems. Through some feat of sonic wizardry they dampen to exactly the right level to keep my ears from ringing *at all* at the end of the night, while allowing me to carry on conversations right next to the dance floor. They're in a perfect sweet-spot.  And almost totally invisible, which is a nice bonus.  I also appreciate that someone on the design team was clever enough to make plug for your {R}ight ear {R}ed.  That’s just good design. "  T.Savage 

"Thank You @EarasersEarplug for the best hearing protection.  #Namm2016 " Rena Urso-Trapani, Flutist


"Earasers are hands down the best in-ears I have ever used!  The comfort and sound are unmatched.  It is great to have something so sleek and functional while playing and the ability to hold a conversation while other acts are performing without having to remove one or shout may be the best benefit of EARasers.  Will definitely recommend to anyone involved in music!  Thank you for such a great product!" Jared Miner, Bass, Leave it Alone, Leaveitalone.bandcamp.com 


"I'm a member of Infinity Percussion, out of Orlando, Florida, and we got some of your product in the middle of last season for our ensemble to use.  This message is just to let you know that I LOVE THEM. I've been teaching different bands and drum lines around Florida, and I can't tell you how often that I use them, whether I'm holding a snare sectional, or practicing a xylophone excerpt, my go to is Earasers.  Whenever my students ask for a pair of earplugs, you're the first name I drop.  You've made a lifetime customer!"  Nick McConnaughey, Infinity Percussion, Florida


"I've been using Earasers for over a year now. You guys really nailed it. Earasers are far better than anything I've tried, and I've tried many.  I'm so happy to see that you have 23db filters. (Pro-Kit)"  Nathan B. (online order) San Antonio, TX


"Best ear plugs I've ever owned.  Actually, I wouldn't even call them ear plugs.  I'd be more inclined to call them hearing aids.  They help you hear when things are too loud, and you'll be able to hear when you're old and things are too soft thanks to this amazing technology.  I'm SO fortunate to have found them.  It's really unfortunate to think there's anyone in the music industry not using them."  Addison Flash  

   "@EarasersEARplug #CantDoWithout #Photography"   Kelly E Schultz, @k3schultz 


 "My Earasers are my favorite pair of ear plugs. I absolutely love them! They're comfortable to wear and they work fantastically within a club environment!"   Rachel Morales (a.k.a. Altesse) DJ 


"I was trying to get myself, an Audiologist, to get a pair of custom earplugs as I rehearse and gig regularly (I play bass in an Indie Rock band) and my over the counter ear plugs, while decent, were not perfect.  Ran into so many obstacles with the custom plugs that I decided to give an "over the counter" pair one more try... so after reading about every possible product out there, I felt that Earasers were going to be the ticket...albeit at the slightly higher price (yet WAY cheaper than a custom set).  I was worried about the various people who said that even though they claim -19db reduction, it was only -5db.  I was worried about the people who said the things got lost in their ears or didn't fit....Got my pair RIGHT BEFORE a major rehearsal...and so was able to put them to the test immediately.  The verdict?  These earplugs WERE PERFECT.  

I was initially skeptical...as when I inserted them (the medium size, by the way), they inserted easily, did NOT get "lost in my ears" and I didn't even really notice them on AND didn't really notice any significant reduction in sound... I could hear and talk perfectly normal.. and here is where they SHINE...As soon as we started playing...the music was PERFECTLY ATTENUATED...They were SO EFFECTIVE, I asked the band to play one last set WITHOUT them on so I can see if I was just kidding myself... and the sounds SHATTERED MY SKULL....
SO.....these plugs are the ABSOLUTE BEST !  
But of even MORE importance...is the customer support provided by the company. It is rare indeed when a company makes you feel special... like you are their only customer. They do. I felt it was perhaps a good idea to get a higher attenuation model than what I had.. and it was a simple matter of contacting the company. They take care of the rest.  A special super shout out to CARY who went above and beyond the call of duty on every count. Support like this is just not that easy to find.  So when you buy into a pair of Earasers... you are not only buying a fantastic product.. you are creating a relationship with a great company.  PLAY HARD AND LOUD! You'll be SAFE with these pups!"  - Steven Blasini


"I'm usually in front of the guitarists amp. Needless to say, my ears ring badly after a 4 hour show.  I've been using other plugs with a variety of attenuation, and your product sounds a lot more natural in general.  I can hear more than just my lips buzzing inside my head, and I don't feel like I need to put them in loosely to try and hear some of ambient stage sound.  It's kind of like the volume is simply turned down.  Some of the guys in the band have gone to IEMs which has cut back our stage volume and I'm experimenting with that as well, but tight/isolating ear buds tend to bring too much of the 'in your head' lip buzz like the other plugs I've used." - Paul Rowan, Trumpet for Tim Harrington Tim-Harrington-Band.com  

 "Excellent product! Been using mine and Love them, as a musician hearing is your greatest gift , protect it with Earasers!"  James Shepherd  

"That was the most thorough follow up I've received from a company, I really appreciate that!  Very happy to have done business with your company, and looking forward to receiving them.  Thanks!"  Kelly Spriggs


"Thanks for these (Earasers).  I just bought a pair and they are awesome.  I am the lead guitar tech for Death and I love them."  Carlos Gunn, Lead Guitar Tech for Death,  Metalcrusade.Org 


"Just finished our first set.  The difference between these Earasers and (the other brand) that I was using last night, is night and day.  My playing is SO much better as a result.  Thanks again, these are awesome!  I might order a backup pair just in case something happens to these.  Short of custom molded plugs, these are absolutely miles above the rest.  No joke, this pair of plugs is the most practical, awesome piece of gear I've acquired in a long time.  I'm on board with what you guys are doing 100%" Austin Solomon, Bassist Larry Mitchell Trio


 "I think they (Earasers earplugs) are a fantastic product.  My 2 favorite things about them are the uncolored sound, and how much easier it is to hear people talking with them in my ears.  Win, Win!  They're also very comfortable.  All the things they claim to do are true.  Just great…" Dave DiCenso, Drummer for Josh Groban and Professor at Berklee College of Music


 "I used them on stage the other day and they seemed to be the perfect level. I also kept them in for all the other band shows and could hear everything including conversation in between sets."  Zeb Deophage


"I just wanted to go on record saying that these are by far the best earplugs I've tried.  This includes custom molded earplugs that I had made with an audiologist. The way the Earasers attenuate sound is the key - it seems they have found the way to filter the frequencies that not only cause ear fatigue but also the ones that are most damaging and cause the most loss.  Another key factor is sizes they offer. In the past I've found earplugs just can't seal off my ear canal, due to size. Earasers really seal that deal!  That's my $.02 - I use these plugs 2 times a week in rehearsal where the band is putting out about 115dB - and I would say sometimes it might even be louder. These have really done the job - not only that - I can actually SING with these plugs in - they don't give me the "stuffed up" feeling that all the other earplugs I've tried do."  Aaron Williams, The Red Cloud Band


5.0 out of 5 stars Best musician ear plugs for my 10 year old rock drummer!
This review is from: Earasers Musicians Plugs Small (Health and Beauty)
"It was hard to find sound isolation ear plugs that worked well enough and were comfortable enough that my grade schooler was willing to wear them consistently while playing drums in his "School of Rock" performance group (they just did a "Judas Priest" show...it's loud!). When practicing drums alone he would wear Vic Firth isolation headphones and play music through them to play along with. However when playing with others those headphones or simple foam ear plugs would distort the sounds of both the drum but even more the other instruments (guitar, bass) so you'd mostly hear the low frequency thumping parts and not the whole sound as it really is. We tried etymotics but even their "comfort/ long wear" (grey version, smaller) was too big and/or the wrong shape to be comfortable for him to keep in. He's been using these for a year, with group practices most weeks, along with wearing them at music concerts/festivals we attend together, and we recently had his hearing rechecked during a checkup and it's still perfect. While the Earasers are usually sufficient, sometimes he feels like he needs more sound reduction so I called the company and they are putting a stronger (but still hi-fi) filter in another set for us to buy to use when needed (you need to ask them for this..it's not currently an option/product when ordering them online). Finally, most kids (and adults!?), he doesn't want to be the only one wearing something funny-looking (so didn't want to wear big headphones while playing with the group, even if those did work), and these are near invisible (tiny clear handle piece just visible). We were at a music festival and someone else offered us foam ear plugs for him thinking he was wearing nothing despite the fact he had these in and was comfortably enjoying the music..you couldn't tell unless you looked closely."  Bikelink , AMAZON review: Earasers Musicians Plugs Small (Health and Beauty), 5.0 out of 5 stars Best musician ear plugs for my 10 year old rock drummer!


"I gotta say, I bought a pair 2 weeks for a tour and they were GREAT.  Best pair of earplugs I've eve used.  Thanks for helping me out.  Will definitely recommend them."  Richard Chip Walbert


"So, ear plugs have been a sore subject for me for years. It is very difficult to get used to wearing them, but when you play three hours a night, six days a week, it is a necessary evil. That said, one of the best over the counter plugs I have tried is Earasers. They provide protection without losing too much sound quality. Short of $200 custom made ear plugs, these rank very high on my list based on quality and the company’s personal and accommodating attitude. I recommend them to my students as well!"  Mark DuttonChris Robinson Brotherhood 


"I've been using these (Earasers).  I might have mentioned our "rock 'n roll" church likes its music loud, and my ears sometimes struggle with the volume level.  The Earasers allow me to enjoy Sunday mornings more inconspicuously."   Ted Eschliman,  Jazzmando


"While wearing (Earasers) your earplugs during an on-field ensemble rehearsal, I was able to easily hear each instrument voice within the brass ensemble, and although the volume was lessened by the attenuation, the character of tone of the brass instruments was still easily discernible.  Also, while in close proximity to a section playing at a very loud (fortissimo) volume, I immediately noticed an enhanced capability to detect minor intonation issues between individual players which otherwise might have been masked by the brilliance of the overall sound."  Joe Haworth 


"I used my Earasers performing on the main stage at the House Of Blues in Hollywood last week and they were excellent. Earasers are THE best high volume prolonged use ear plugs ever. The first time I tried them, I was shocked at how crisp the high AND low end sounded. I never play without them. If you value your hearing and want to still enjoy the music, EARasers are going to make you a very happy person!" Ryan Gio, StereoScenario.com

"I love mine (Earasers). Gig with them every weekend. Helps me even hear the rest of the band better. Really helps when I'm singing backing vocals." John Paul Lepre, Rated R Band

"I've been using the Earasers for a few weeks now in my marching band rehearsals and they are doing great! I don't have any sensitivity to the loud sounds now and they're comfortable for extended wear. I tell all my friends about them and recommend them if they ever mention needing quality ear plugs for a good value. I appreciate your continued interest in my satisfaction and I just wanted to say thanks for making a great product and having some of the best customer service I've experienced in a few years. You guys are awesome, and keep doing what you're doing!" Corey Cutler, Marshall University

"Earasers are the first earplugs that I actually feel comfortable playing on stage with. I've tried many different brands but I've always felt them. The Earasers are so comfortable you forget they're in, and you're halfway back to the hotel before you realize you never took them out after the concert!" Carl Verheyen, Guitarist, Supertramp

“Hearing counts when you’re a spotlight operator – Following cues from the show’s LD is crucial to a good performance. I use EARrasers under my communications headset to block out excessive crowd noise without sacrificing my ability to hear my spot cues loud and clear. I recommend EARrasers to any stagehand and touring crew member with confidence. You Need ‘Em!” Jeffery Kelly, IATSE Local 42

"First let me say I don't know how I would have made it through the NAMM show without your ear protection. They (Earasers) are the best I have ever used. We were in one of the noisiest areas of the percussion section and when I put the (Earasers) protection in for the first time I was really amazed. After serveral minutes of wearing them I didn't know I had them in and neither did anyone else. They (Earasers) are the best! Also, as a side note I am hard of hearing in my left ear and am not able to hear phone conversations. Well after putting in (EARasers) plugs I was able to hear better on the phone than without them. This was so amazing. They (EARasers) cut down the background noise but let the conversation through clearly. I am a believer and will be happy to tell others. By the way, my wife wants me to wear them around the house because I talk softer, Ha! Roger Champa, Partner, Paul Jennings Music, L.L.C., PlayCajon.org


"I have received the SMALL (Earasers) and they fit perfectly! I meant to follow up and let you know how thrilled I am. These (Earasers) are far superior to any other earplugs I have owned!" Thank you so much. Neeraj Agrawal, Bethesda, MD


"I absolutely love them (Earasers)! I have been using them at rehearsals and played two gigs with them so far and they are brilliant!" Jason Hubbard, Beggars and Choosers, Mondo Inferno, Skeletal Ambitions

"Used the new plugs first time (last Sun) at our jam session. Damn those are good. Way better than my previous ones which I have been using. I am happy to be owner of the Earasers earplugs! Markus Raipio, Bass player / Second Season Project band



“My wife and I use Earasers and we LOVE them! They are Phenomenal! They are Fantastic! They are definitely an “EAR-saver” and I highly refer them to anyone who is in the music industry or they do the type of work where they are around loud noises.” Nick Smith, Jazz Musician / Piano Player

"Thanks for great products. It's a pleasure to use them. The Best non-custom earplugs I have ever seen. I love it! Antti P.

"Earasers! I'm so happy I ran into you guys at the Dallas Guitar Show...your customer service is fantastic. Thanks so much for sending me replacements with more protection for me to try out. They arrived just in time for me to use at a couple of local shows, before we took off for the IAROCFEST in Iowa, earlier this summer. I used the Earasers every evening, even when we were not playing. I used them to reduce the road noise for the long drive out, and back home. (While I was getting some sleep and someone else was driving - of course.) They were even perfect for blocking out enough of the 'chainsaw-like' snoring [ Kwin, watch for our new line of Peace & Quiet plugs coming soon] of my bass tech, so that I could sleep!!! Yes, they are THAT comfortable. My hearing is very important to me. Not only do I play fretless bass more often than not, I play in a VERY loud hard rock band. I also do work for artists of other genres. If I damaged my ears, I would never find the right notes on a fretless fingerboard, and that is unacceptable to me! Look for a brand new Bleed Down album before the year is out!!! Kwin Smith, Bassist for Bleed Down, Debra James, and a bunch others that appreciate my hearing...

"First off, I want to say I LOVE your product! I'm a bassist in the greater Houston area, and these little ear plugs are a God send. My ears don't ring at the end of shows anymore, and that is amazing. I've started using these for everything: rock, jazz, even some classical settings (trumpets scream in every style). Everyone always asks what I have in my ears, and I gladly tell them about your product." Nathan Mays, Bassist (Houston, TX)


"Earasers are the most comfortable earplugs I've tried. I love that they're offered in different sizes so I could find a solution to fit my smaller ears. The music is clear, not muffled at all, and my ears no longer ring at the end of the night. The fact that they're affordable and unnoticeable is the icing on the cake. I tell all my musician friends about them. Thanks Earasers! Amy Hall, Drummer for Heart Brigade - A Tribute to Heart, and Jupiter's Darling (Raleigh, NC), AmyDrums.com

"I can't believe the difference Earasers make in eliminating ringing in the ears. I never go to a concert, or mow the lawn, without them. My only regret is that I didn't have these ten years ago." - A. Hudson, Musician (Salt Lake City, UT)

"I am a Tour Manager and Merch Guy and have been using Earasers on tour for about 8 months now. I don't ever leave the van without them! They are amazing and have saved my ears some serious strain! Thank you so much and rock on!"  -Camron  Gross Mothership Tour Manager, Dallas, TX

"I've been using my Earasers for some time now and cannot believe the clarity, directional cues, clear highs I enjoy with the musician's ear plugs. When I wear them at an event, and am moving around, I can tell the direction other people are coming from around me so as to travel safely between the seats, stage, and soundboard. I hear the highs clearly and can adjust the right amount of buzz on the synthesizer filter "by ear", (something I couldn't do with others that muffled the higher frequencies) so I enjoy the music more. The best thing is that when I listen to loud music unprotected, my high midrange sounds like a blown speaker that's been "fuzzed". Earasers give me an even hearing response like I had in my 20's. Loud sounds are everywhere now - churches, jazz sessions, restaurants, public transportation. I was able to hear the sound level difference between the beginning of a concert when I put the Earasers in, and the end of the concert just to check on the level, and was surprised at the amount of volume creep as the sound tech's ears acclimated to the sound levels and they kept turning up the volume throughout the evening. I won't leave home without my Earasers!." Brent C. CA

'"I love the Earasers! They make the stage sound so much more comfortable and safer. I can still hear everything I need to be able to perform at my best and respond to the energy of the room." Todd Fink - The Giving Tree Band 

" I have really been enjoying the Earasers. I am using them for loud environments such as planes and concerts and dance clubs. What I really like is how I can still talk to people and the music still sounds good. Nice product. My only fear is losing one! Julie Jones, Folsom, CA

"I used Earasers on the road for our recent Northeast dates and I love them! I'm trying to help spread the word!" Evan - Diarrhea Planet

"They work great....tried them at the viva hysteria Def Leppard Concert in Vegas. Sat up close and could still hear pretty well - so I'll keep the Earasers - Thanks!" A. C.


"I finally got a chance to jam with the whole band and give my new Earasers a test drive. Earasers are very comfortable and hardly even noticeable. As for sound, they are definitely the best ear plugs I've tried. The sound is still very clear and I can hear everything distinctly. One of the main problems I had with other ear plugs was that I had trouble hearing my vocals. With Earasers, I can hear my vocals just as well as when I'm not wearing anything. Actually I can hear my vocals even better because the instruments are not blowing out my ears. Thanks for creating such a great product." Mario Morcos - Drowning Fish

"I love these. They are great. I find myself choosing to wear these over my custom ear plugs everyday. I have recommended them to several friends and colleagues. Thanks" Craig Jordan


"I have found Earasers to be as comfortable and effective as my custom molded earplugs when wearing them in symphony rehearsals, percussion ensemble, lessons, or loud sporting events and movies. They are an affordable option to help protect the most important tool musicians have for making intelligent musical decisions - their ears." John R. Beck, Percussionist - Winston-Salem & Greensboro Symphonies, Percussion Faculty - UNC School of the Arts & Wake Forest University

"I am so happy I found Earasers, they fit perfectly in my ears. Attending a concert was just as enjoyable with Earasers earplugs in, with the added benefit of keeping my hearing and not having any ringing in my ears afterwards. Earasers are the only earplugs I have found that are completely invisible. They have replaced my custom $300 pair of earplugs" Louis H.


“As a bass player in a touring rock band, I’ve been on a fruitless quest to find ear protection that doesn’t cut out all of the low end. I’ve tried everything from the “Christmas tree plugs” to the “marshmallow plugs” to the custom medical plugs and nothing has allowed me to protect my hearing and still hear what I’m playing until I tried Earasers. Not only can I finally hear myself while wearing ear protection, but I can hear all of the other notes coming from my band mates and the only sounds missing are the painful ones. My band recently played a two night stand in a nightclub with a tile floor, brick walls and a tin ceiling which on any other occasion would leave me with a ringing in my ears and a headache for days, but with my new Earasers, none of that happened. I can’t possibly recommend this product enough to any musician.” Matt King, Bassist – The Lights Out, Boston, MA

“During my many years as a professional drummer and music educator, I never used any sort of plugs to protect my hearing. My general feeling was that plugs made things sound weird and looked un-cool. As an unfortunate result of my choice to not protect my ears, I am now experiencing hearing loss and had grown comfortable with the fact that the ringing in my ears never stopped. I finally decided it was time to do something about it. That’s when I discovered Earasers. I am now wearing them at all my gigs, as well as five periods of school band a day (my students don’t even notice I have them in). The clarity of sound is amazing, but without the harsh frequencies. I think I am even playing better, because I am not holding back to avoid the crack of the snare and cymbals. I have had Earasers in my ears almost everyday since I got them, and wouldn’t want to leave home without them! “ Brandon Aly - Drummer / Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, Director of Percussion Blanco ISD, Brandonaly.com

“Currently a drummer in Drum and Bugle Corps and a member of an Indoor Percussion Ensemble, I have been playing in several drum-lines through the years. I never really sought hearing protection until I was lucky enough to come across Earasers. I never liked the fact that other products blocked out sound, and actually made my drumming feel different. With Earasers technology, I am able to have absolute comfort and at the same time - save my hearing. I simply love Earasers and advise anyone who is involved in music, or looking to save their hearing (from noise) in a comfortable and affordable way, to purchase this product." Paul Winterhalter - Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps drummer & Indoor Percussion Ensemble

"Earasers earplugs are the Best Product on the Planet! I just purchased five pair for myself and my family, and used them at a concert. They worked GREAT!" Jordan W., New York


"As a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, clarity of sound is an essential part of my job. Finally with Earasers, I'm able to comfortably protect my hearing while being able to make confident contributions to the music! After tossing aside many types of earplugs because I couldn't trust the output of my instrument based on what I was hearing in my head, with Earasers I'm finally able play my instruments with confidence knowing that what I'm hearing inside my head is exactly what is coming out of the horn." Mike Roylance - Principal Tuba, Boston Symphony Orchestra


"Earasers are unbelievable! What really impressed me was the clarity of sound as well as voices. Comfort is also key when listening to Drum Corps drum lines for hours on end. Finally an earplug where music sounds real and cymbals sound crisp. 'Oh Wow', what a remarkable difference they make. Love them." Al Murray - Drum Corps Legend, Teacher and all around Whacked Out Guy


“Finally, an affordable and comfortable ear filter that I can sing with, and that doesn't filter out the feeling of playing "live" music or make you feel "stopped up." They've saved the day several times on rehearsals and shows. Earasers are small enough to fit in my wallet zipper pocket, so I don't leave home without them!" Zach Runquist - Nashville Session and Touring Musician

“I used my Earasers on a super loud gig last night and they saved my life. Over 5000 people in the audience. Love these things!” Mason Embry, Mason Embry Productions, Nashville, TN.


"From my perspective, what is great about Earasers (besides them not being visible, which is awesome) is how much they don't change the quality of sound. I used them for the rest of the day teaching the snare line, and at first I thought that they weren't working for me because the snare drums still sounded like snare drums. It wasn't til about 20 minutes in when I took them out of my ears while the guys were still playing that I realized just how much the Earasers were working! I was bombarded with the actual sound, and screamed at the snares to stop playing because it was too loud, hah. I also then realized all of the sound quality aspects of the plugs and was very very impressed. Arthur Gayle McFadden Goodman Ensemble Director, INFINITY Percussion / Percussion Director, East River High School - Orlando, FL


“Fantastic at the concert. These earplugs also worked wonderfully on the flight, and I used them again when I mowed my lawn. Very comfortable. Worked wonderfully. Thank you.” Robert T., Austin, TX


"I LOVE my Earasers! I have been using custom earplugs for years and have never found any of them that work as well or are as comfortable as Earasers. I suffer from Tinnitis (ringing in ears), and whenever I go to concerts it's a must to wear earplugs or the ringing in my ears gets worse. With Earasers the sound is crystal clear compared to regular earplugs. I would highly recommend Earasers to anyone!"  Kelly K.  Orlando, Fl

"Oh, Wow! These are awesome! I can hear everything so clearly! How did you do that?" Edward S., Nashville, TN


"These Earasers are so clear, that I thought they might not be working...until I took them out while the music was playing and realized just how loud everything really was. They are fantastic! Of course I put them right back in. (smiley face)” Liz W. , Nashville, TN



My son got a pair of Earasers, I don't know where, but he loves them. He said they are the best ones he has ever tried. He was right. I Love the product too. Thank you.” David R, Green Bay, WI 


"What a cool design. Brilliant Product! Love them way better than my custom plugs!” Shirley Wicker, Winter Springs, FL

"I wore my Earasers to my favorite restaurant, which has an open kitchen. Wow, what a difference! Love the product!” Bob B., Roland Company

“My friend surprised me with a pair of Earasers at 'Rock the Universe' Universal, Orlando, and I thought they were fantastic!” What an amazing difference they made at this extremely loud event. Fantastic product! Patty Friederichs, Apopka, FL

“Earasers are amazing! Love them. We wish you much success!” Lisa B. Sanford, FL