Dentists / Hygienists / Healthcare Starter Kit - for sizing

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Earasers Dentist & Hygienists Earplugs Starter Kit 

The starter kit will assist you in determining your perfect fit. The Earasers Starter Kit is ideal for first time users of our sized earplugs, allowing you the opportunity to determine which size earplug will provide the optimum seal.  The Starter Kit comes with two pairs of alternate size sleeves, and one pair of filters, and the Earasers professional insertion tool.  You now gain the opportunity to build two different size earplugs and choose which one pair provides the best seal. 

The Starter Kit is a great option for:

  • New users unsure of their earplug size
  • Persons who may have two different size ear canals
  • Gifting Earasers and unsure what size the recipient wears
  • Saves time by allowing you to have two sizes at your fingertips, and not waiting for a different size in the mail  

    Included will be one set of filters already installed in one set of the sleeves.  A second set of sleeves in a different size is included should you determine a different size may be a more appropriate fit. Using the swap out tool you can simply move your filters from one size sleeve to the other until you determine what works best for you. 




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    Holly S.
    seem to help

    I'm undecided on these yet. I'm on day two, they are relatively comfortable, and I have no trouble hearing other people speaking, but my own voice sounds muffled to me and I'm not sure whether they are really muting the handpiece all that much. I need to play around with them a bit more.

    Yes, the muffled sound of your own voice is an indicator that they are working! The brain compares the sound through the air (air conduction - outside sound) to the sound that travels in your skull (own generated sound). If it changes from the norm, then we call that occlusion, and the symptom is your own voice sounds dull or different. :)